Working abroad for Swedtel

If you are looking to work internationally in a team striving to create high quality results and achieve challenging objectives you should join Swedtel.


Varied assignments

As an international business integrator, we offer many diverse career opportunities around the world. You may be assigned to perform a more theoretical analysis and evaluation of a business area, generating strategies and plans or the hands-on execution of company-wide programs for development and value growth. Key success factors in the latter discipline include human resource development, process-oriented methods, cross-cultural skills and the systematic

transfer of know-how within all operator areas, including; product development, marketing and sales, customer care, billing and network.


Short and long-term

A short-term assignment lasts less than six months and can involve evaluating or producing document deliverables e.g., a business plan, a strategy or an action plan for transforming an existing telecom service provider, or starting-up a brand new telecom company. The business plan may lead to a further long-term assignment; ensuring implementation of the start-up or transformation process. This means implementing a fully functioning organizational unit with human resources and support systems or ensuring that the network is installed according to the technical plans and that the quality of service targets are verified in the acceptance testing.


Transferring knowledge

In all longer projects, the exchange of know-how and on-the-job-training of management and other key staff plays a vital role. The deliverables include documents, all the way to an up-and-running company with trained staff. Regardless of your core competence, whether billing, network, customer care etc, working for Swedtel abroad involves transferring knowledge on a day-to-day basis to the client.


Understanding of and respect for diverse cultures

To execute a project successfully, a thorough understanding of the local culture is necessary. Hands-on experience from another culture is therefore a strong merit.

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