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Apart from the various telecom & consultancy services, which Swedtel provides to major Telecom Stakeholders, Swedtel also provides a variety of products & services to the market.

Swedtel takes pride in representing niche products that enhances the quality and delivery of a project.

Swedtel has an in house team that develops product based on the market requirement. Swedtel also partners and represents many other products described below which increases project efficiency in a big way.

Some of the products, which Swedtel has brought to the market, are:




















Mobile Network Geolocation System

Smart geolocation systems couple their mobility prediction and location identification with clever engineering functions to support several crucial network engineering and optimization tasks, proactively, efficiently and expeditiously. At the service level, mobility prediction and location identification are the basis for systems that help monitor subscriber QoE and can be used for extremely important functions in an competitive marketplace like QoS management for churn reduction. Intelligent systems such as these are leading the modern day trends for Mobile Network operations.


Big Data Analytics

Network Intelligence and analytics is a flow based system that simplifies the analysis and display of complex subscriber data usage on mobile (2G, 3G data and LTE) and fixed carrier Ethernet networks.


Secure Data

 A data security solution for small, medium and large enterprises ensuring secure data sharing Workforce & Field Force Management.


Force One

A comprehensive Field Force and Work Force Management mobility solution for medium to large enterprises capable of enhancing service & sales efficiency.



provides instant voice communication for groups or individuals by simply pushing a button, much like on a “walkie-talkie”. It is compatible with OMA and Nokia native PoC handsets and works over GPRS/3G. PTT/PoC offers excellent corporate and community services and is available at a very low initial investment, providing fast revenue.




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