Manpower Resourcing

Swedtel has been a pioneer in the field of Telecommunication services and is well aware of the expertise needed for different technologies and services.

Swedtel has a long history in supporting the Customer with the right resources required to run their Network.


Swedtel has laid out a comprehensive process for the outsourcing delivery model to the customers.






















Swedtel has partnered with operators, vendors and government worldwide to work on the outsourcing model. Swedtel is currently engaged with major operators and stakeholders in providing resources. Listed below are some areas where Swedtel is currently providing outsourced resources.


These areas include but not limited to:


1. Access Network Planning (Fixed & Wireless)

2. Access Network Design (Fixed & Wireless)

3. Strategy Planning

4. Fundamental Planning

5. Financial Planning

6. Business Planning

7. Managed Services

8. Managed Services

9. Project Management

10. Quality Assurance




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