Futureproofing the digital economy

Working side by side with operators across multiple markets, we provide ICT network design and execution, cybersecurity, battery storage and products and services for business and corporate customers.



To build futureproof telecommunications companies by increasing shareholder value through sustainable ICT services, platforms, products, and solutions



To forge a digitally advanced, safe, secure, and sustainable telecommunications technology ecosystem
that serves customers and consumers today, tomorrow and into the future.




Every Swedtel product and service is uniquely consulted, designed, and deployed by working in close partnership with operators.


Swedtel develops services and products that meet the demands of today’s digital economy and the challenges of the future.


Through research, testing and industry participation, Swedtel builds upon existing technologies to pioneer the development of tomorrow’s solutions.

Advanced Technologies

Swedtel’s telecommunications networks, hardware, software, and consultancy services are designed to empower and unleash business innovation in the digital economy. From fintech to cell tower energy storage, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions, Swedtel pioneers the development of cost effective advanced telecommunications technologies for deployment around the world.

Partnership Networks

Partnerships are an integral part of Swedtel’s strategy in the development and execution of consultancy services and network service solutions.
To maximise the impact of those we collaborate with, we have created specific networks. These include an Investor Network to create fast and lasting value growth for telecoms companies, a Human Resources Network that comprises specialist consultant firms, a Vendor Network of providers and manufacturers, and a Market Network for knowledge sharing and business development  opportunities.

Our legacy

Formed in one of the world’s most advanced technology markets, Swedtel was launched in Sweden in 1968 – borne out of the skills and expertise of a team of world leading practitioners from the global telecommunications giant, Telia.

Initially operating as a Telia subsidiary, Swedtel became the world’s first operator-owned telecommunications consultancy provider: a powerful source of technical knowledge that has gone on to deliver on over 600 government and private sector projects in more than 100 countries.

After 1968, Swedtel’s founders went on to build a business that has operated across Africa, Asia,
Europe, and the Middle East. Since then, the company has gone on to develop an extensive partner network and wide ownership structure with operations that have always been rooted in a singular, sharp focus: the deployment of advanced technologies and consultancy services that build profitable, sustainable, and commercially competitive telecommunications companies.

From its global headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Swedtel continues to build on its unique legacy
as a market maker, developing advanced network solutions and turnkey consultancy services to operators in some of the world’s fastest moving, and most fiercely competitive markets.