Redefining Powerful Networks

From operational change to digital infrastructure, cell tower solutions and cloud-based software, Swedtel helps vendors and service providers navigate the world of new technologies and customer demands.


Swedtel consults at a deep operational and technical level to help telecommunication operators run smoothly, securely, profitably and within the law. From regulatory services to due diligence, fraud analysis, process auditing or organisational transformation, Swedtel has been helping operators excel at what they do, for more than five decades.

Human Capital

As the digital economy evolves, so too does the nature of the 21st century workforce. New digital skills and technological capabilities are in short supply, which is where Swedtel steps in to provide the right resources at the right time, to keep networks running smoothly.
Swedtel also helps operators to achieve service and sales efficiencies by deploying bespoke, comprehensive Field Force and Work Force Management mobility solutions.

Products & Solutions

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Swedtel’s cybersecurity consultants make it possible for organisations to focus on their core business – rather than worrying about IT and cybersecurity concerns. The team works closely with customers to help them select the very best products and solutions from multiple vendors like Nutanix, Fortinet, SentineOne, Gigamon and F5 – all with one goal in mind: to unleash productivity by safeguarding invaluable data assets and IT infrastructures.

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Cell Tower Optimization

Partnering with world-leading battery innovators enables Swedtel to consult on and deploy incredible new cell phone tower storage technologies. We work to provide access to the latest supercapacitor hardware – batteries with great power density, extreme temperature resilience, and superior charge and surge capabilities.

Network Services

Over many years, we have supported operators with radio access network (RAN) design and optimisation services. These are critically important activities that give operators the ability to serve their customers through high quality, well maintained networks at all times. These crucial services include real-time performance monitoring, network dimensioning and planning, final site radio configuration, network audits, network quality maintenance, network acceptance and new features activation.


Swedtel helps operators to design best-in-class networks, supporting the planning of small cells and Wi-Fi systems, fixed networks, frequency planning, capacity planning and propagation model tuning.


Swedtel works hand-in-glove with operators to optimise their networks and customer services. We help to optimise network coverage, analyse network performance, design new feature trials, and implement geo-location capabilities